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About Admin

I am very glad that you landed on this page and want to learn about me. Everything described on this page is original and real.

This is my official website (Blog) www.alltechcraze.com you can visit this blog in the every part of the word because it is globally available and properly index in the Google search engine.

I love technology and technology tricks that's why I have created this blog, so that I can share my information with the world.

Owner/My Name

My name is Daniyaal Mirza and I am the person behind all the tricks and tips published on All Tech Craze. I am the owner of this cool website (Blog). I am a Pakistani blogger. I love blogging. I live in Tandlianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

My Introduction With Computer

I was about 10 years old when I say the a computer first time in my school principle's office. I was wondering what this is and how my principle is operating this. (Even I was not aware that it is a computer)

My Own Computer

Well, having my own computer was a dream for me. But I got it and now I am an expert in computers, its different parts related to hardware and software.

My Aims On Computer

Now I am totally aware about computer and all of its components I like to use computer I want to become a successful blogger, software engineer, and a good person these are my some aims in computer which will be complete soon by the Grace of Allah.

My Interest On Computer

I like to do many things in the computer but my main interest in computer is becoming a successful Blogger. I like to watch movies on the computer. My typing speed on the computer is very good I have a typing speed of about 55 WPM (Measured through Typing Master).


I like to spend my time on the computer that’s why I start my own blog because it will take more time of my life to be on the compute. I write my many posts for my blog and search for different guides on the Google for best blogging.

My Own Blog

I start my own blog to get deep knowledge and a practical knowledge and the new things which I cannot get only through searching on the Google. I (If you forget my name Daniyaal Mirza) use to spend my most of time in my own blog (Website) there are many benefits of blogging it keep us aware about the technology and much more.

Problems While Blogging

I face many problems while creating my own blog for example, I was not aware of the Google Webmaster (Yes it is truth) when I create my first blog I search and search very much on Google so I come to know many things for which I was not aware. I am thank full to my family that they never stop me or irritate me to work on my blog.

Source Of My Help

As I said I have many problems while starting my blog but as we know “There where is will there is a way” so I meet many friends and specially on the Facebook I meet a very good blogger Mr. Ajay Soni who help me a lot to get my blog on the top of the search results, I am thankful to my all the friends and specially Google which helped me a lot. Now my blog is a famous blog on the internet and it is all due to my efforts, my friends and the Google.

My Hobbies 

I have many hobbies but here I will discuss with your only my those hobbies which I like very much.


Browsing is my favorite hobby I love browsing I spend more then 8 hours on browsing I search for different types of tricks, learn many online books, learn free and paid eBooks, Blogging techniques, books related to Blogging and many computer language books as nowadays the internet is the biggest way to get knowledge and become expert in any field. So I browse when I am free and when I can browse.


I am a student of 10th class but I have a great knowledge of computers and its many languages as I spend my most of the time in searching on the Google. When I cannot access my computer I have many books and about all of them are related to the computer and the internet I study my books till late at night I like to study about C language very much because I thing that it is the most good and secure computer language in which about all the computer security programs are written.

Computer Languages

As I have said in the upper topics that I like and love to learn about computer and computer languages I am expert in many computer languages like as I can write simple programs in C and C++ also in java and Visual Basic when I tell my these abilities to my friends or teachers they think that I am showing of myself but it is truth that I can understand these languages.

Keep Touch With Daniyaal Fahad

If you want to keep touch with me then you can visit on my blog daily you can also contact me on Facebook and also through Gmail daniyaalmirza2@gmail.com

Friends this page was about me and some changes can be made in this information mention above with the passage of time.

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