The information shared in this site is only for educational purpose.

The contents of this site are gathered form different sources.

The contents of this site are free to share and does not hold any copyrights.

The admin (Daniyaal Mirza) has complete rights to remove any type of contents, posts and comments from this site which can be felt inappropriate.

Some kind of hacking tricks are also published in this site these all are for educational purpose if you do any illegal activity the admin will not held responsible.

Some tricks published in this site may be risky to use and may be harmful for you and your computers. Its your duty to understand them and be careful when you use them.

All the tricks, tips and posts published in this blog are tested and are working. But some tricks and methods can be differ by the OS (Operating System) so the admin is not sure that these tricks, tips and posts work correctly on other OSs (Operating Systems).

Some books, tools and the software used in this site are referrals from other site they are not the work of the admin. So their credit is also to referral sites.

The video and links used in this site are not directly hosted by the admin. They are either taken from other sites or shared using sharing services like Facebook, You Tube or from other sites. No post in this site refers or promotes any kind of stuff that can violate the rules of any site. Software, books and tools and in case of any post that emerges and violate the rule of any site will be removed.

This site contains all the tricks and tips which are commonly used in the computers and are also useful.

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